vendredi 23 janvier 2009

Diam's biography

Mélanie Georgiades was born in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, on 27 July 1980. Diam's was of mixed nationality, being born of a French mother and a Cypriot father, but her father walked out on the family when Mélanie was still in early childhood and she was raised as an only child by her mother. Her mother left Cyprus and moved to France when Mélanie was just four years old, and the young girl ended up growing up in the quiet suburb of Orsay, south of Paris. But Mélanie soon grew bored of her tranquil life amidst bungalows with neatly mown lawns. And she started moving further afield in search of stimulation, hanging out on local housing estates where the rap movement was at the heart of teenage life. Mélanie's own musical tastes were fairly eclectic at the time. She was a big fan of mainstream French pop star Francis Cabrel, but also loved the work of major rap groups such as Suprême NTM and Public Enemy. Inspired by what she heard, Mélanie soon began writing her own songs. Casting around for a stage name, she settled on the idea of Diam’s (inspired by the dictionary definition of a diamond as "an object of luxury and ornamentation, found in pure mineral form. The hardest substance known to man, a diamond can only be cut by another diamond."


My name is FooF a fan of Diam's french talented rapper.
i just want to add photo and wallpaper of my favorite Rapper diam's so...
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